Vinaroz VRM-3 Valencia Series Non-Stick Marble Coated Aluminum Frying Pan

By Vinaroz




13-in (32 cm)

Height: 13in
Length: 13in
Width: 3.5in

Valencia Series Non-stick Marble Coated Aluminum Frying Pan This Vinaroz Valencia Series 12”, Non-stick Marble Coating Aluminum Frying Pan/shallow pot is durable, reliable, and stain resistant and breeze to clean. This shallow pot comes with a vent which allows steam to escape to help address boiling over/lid rattling issue and also provides more visibility through the sparkling glass lid; allows the pot to breathe even when stored with lid intact. The handles on our frying pan and the shallow pot are Bakelite handles for your convenience to stay cool during cooking, always keep potholders handy to prevent burning your hand on a handle. These pots and pans are coated with non stick marble coating for the interior and the exterior with spiral bottom for even heat distribution. Durable interior and exterior marble, easy to clean Heavy gauge aluminum 3.5mm Rapid and even heat distribution